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ADULTEUM (ADULT) ⧫ Global Infrastructure - Personal Entertainment
Telegram (Team): @adulteum Telegram Official Channel: @adulteumofficial
Twitter: @adulteum .io Site: www.adulteum.io * Airdrop Information
on YouTube

Aim: Accept crypto currency payments with 0% transaction fees, Unlimited Transactions, Receive payments into any wallet you choose, No redirection to 3rd parties, No middleman fees. Pure, Decentralized Peer to Peer Transactions.

75px ADULTEUM ACCEPTED HERE rsz_4button-original-c-bt
Easy Integrations: Sell Digital Products like Clips, Easy Digital Downloads, Recurring or One Time Payment / Memberships, File Access Control, Reduced Costs, No Chargebacks.
  • Design and Use Real Life Flexible Payment Scenarios Over The Blockchain.
  • Tailored Billing, advanced and End User Friendly, Fast and Simple Solutions for Monthly subscriptions or Other Recurring Payments with Built in “All in One Affiliation” System.
  • Pay Per View for Videos and or Content restricted Areas on your site.
  • Different Level of Memberships per choice and Trial Options with Automatic Billing Afterward.
  • Donations Options with Customizable Widgets, Short Code Generators and API & Third Party Plugins Support.
1 Crypto for ADULT Entertainment to rule them all.
1 Crypto for ADULT Entertainment to rule them all.
ADULTEUM is working already on many sites on the Net (check below, see / test and or use it for yourself).. even before the official launch and public announcement. 
Official ADULTEUM COMPRESSED Side Logo1b_btc-compressor BITCOIN   L'île Compresses Logo www.lile.live 
 1 Payment System Not only for ADULTEUM to maintain and or support but also optionally support other Coins, Altcoins, Tokens and also FIAT Money / Other Merchant Services and Infrastructures to work with for the end user to have all options together and for the site / content owners (Our Partners may accept as many of the Supported Coins, Tokens and other options as long as they use ADULTEUM, too, as an option for the payment / utility token for their content and or sites) to get paid in whatever way and option they want from 1 Hand. Their own Hand.

1 Utility Token to Rule Them All – Acquired Crypto Currencies / Utility Tokens (Until Today) to work Exclusively VIA ADULTEUM (ADULT):

One ADULT Utility Token to Rule Them All
ALREADY IN USE, Real Life, Online on many sites. Check for yourself.
Updated: Nov 25, 2018 @ 3:02 pm UTC+2