ADULTEUM is intended to be the official asset, crypto, utility token and payment system of online adult entertainment world, based on ETHEREUM.

What are digital coins / tokens?

IN ICO´s: Coins or alt-coins are mainly digital assets issued by companies to raise the capital they need, using the mechanism of crowdfunding. Digital coins allow investors to actively participate in the development and growth of the projects they invest in. Coins are digital currencies sold for real money, which is used to fund the development of startups.

It´s an ERC20 token, for the whole Ecosystem, intended to be transparent, open and one of the most advanced systems around, a single Cryptocurrency asset for especially the online part of adult entertainment world for payments on the blockchain.

More Tehnical Information on ADULTEUM (ADULT) can be found here.

The Ecosystem is planned to be (but not limited to) consist of digital platforms, sites, partner sites and many other Apps and DApps. The system also from the beginning has many other exclusive and non-exclusive sites, ideas, projects (and webmasters, companies and people who) are operational that offer tons of premium content.


Why is there a crypto currency or any token is in need for online world / adult entertainment? WHY ADULTEUM (is necessary or what use it brings) ?

For the site owners, companies, people; Rollovers, chargebacks, high commissions and third-party fees are all-too-common. Hosting costs a fortune, middleman usually takes a huge percentage and it’s nearly impossible for real genuine amateurs or small companies to host or make money off porn.

The costs for payment processing changes between 15-40% without hosting (and hosting is a real issue, there is no economical way of hosting and bandwidth is still too way expensive when it comes to adult hosting) sometimes even more with extra costs which are labeled as hidden or extra for their packages or whatever or whichever ways they use for the content owner. Producing content is another case, another huge cost, from the camera work to the models, from licenses, legal issues to any part of the business (even if you´re an amateur, still there is important cost especially when it comes to take your raw materials into the online world and try to have income with it) Marketing is another big minus and needs lots of effort and investment for everybody. ADULTEUM has solutions for all of these parts, as a whole and in parts, concentrated. Quick, real, secure, legal, simple.

ABOVE ALL: There is NO really working crypto solution in adult entertainment, yet, business and online adult entertainment needs micro payments (FAST: for especially cam sites) small payments (amateur modela sites) and most importantly “decentralized” and without MIDDLE MAN´S HUGE CUTS.

Not only that: There is no anonymity or real privacy for the user. There is no involvement of real persons (user´s) or use of their original ideas.

Quality for amateur and genuine content remains low while the free porn invading the net and high quality materials only come from big distributors which roll out the same style movies and clips you’ve been watching for years.

Do you provide technical support? / About affiliations, partnerships and or promotions how to contact with the team?

Yes – we provide technical support and affiliation options are always possible but for more information, as ADULTEUM a part of WHITE WHALE TOKEN, now, please refer to: www.whitewhaletoken.com