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Updated: Nov 11, 2018 @ 12:27 pm UTC+2

If you´re not familiar with Crypto Currencies and or ICO, ITO terms and these kind of “events” we have prepared a Crypto Help Page with some notes to give some brief information on all and “how to buy” and engage the things.. Might be a good point to start, here, if you would like to..

1 ADULTEUM (ADULT) Valued As ~1.00 USD

However, to give an incentive for the investors and people who support / get ADULTEUM (ADULT) in this very first phase of the whole project, the smart contract calculates 1 ETH as 300 Tokens.

There are BONUSES from 25% to 85% (more information is below) which will not be applied in the same levels for the next stages or phases.

* Evaluation / Valuation of ADULTEUM (ADULT) based on ITO Schedule and Program, in price estimation Ethereum calculated as 200 USD
* Evaluation / Valuation of ADULTEUM (ADULT) based on ITO Schedule and Program

Contract Address:


To invest and buy ADULTEUM ADULT ADULTEUM Circle-256 ADULT IMMEDIATELY, please send your ETH (Ethereum, Ether) to the above address of ADULTEUM ITO Ethereum smart contract. * We recommend gas of 150,000. You will receive your ADULTEUM immediately.

Minimum Sale amount 0.5 ETH (if you send below 0.5 ETH the smart contract will not accept your Ethereum and deny the transfer) – No Maximum

NOTE: DO NOT send ETH (Ether) form any of exchanges (such as Coinbase, Kraken, Polioniex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, and any others). Send ETH only from your own wallets! We recommend to use MyEtherWallet: https://myetherwallet.com. You also can use other wallets, as Mist, MetaMask, Parity, Ethereum Wallet, imToken, and other ERC-20 compatible. * Don´t see your ADULT (Adulteum) on your Wallet, you can add it manually by using this information: Contract Address : 0xca04a4107d009c46a801a61a60defd07afb9f88a
Symbol : ADULT
Decimal : 18

If you need more information or help? Check FAQ

ADULTEUM ICO (ITO) Where Are We Now?

Total Supply in Percentages

Total Supply in Percentages

Total Supply: 1,618,033,988.00 ADULTEUM (ADULT)

Not mintable

Fixed supply

Private Sale (Between Phase 1 and 2) 3.30 53,395,121.60
Pre-Sale (Between Phase 1 and 2) 6.60 106,790,243.21
Main Sale Open Public Sale PHASE 2 29.90 483,792,162.41
Legal 6.10 98,700,073.27
Reserved 3.03 49,026,429.84
Partners 9.80 158,567,330.82
Bounty (will be used as incentives in Sale Stages, rest will be burned in the end of 2019) 1.61 26,050,347.21
Exchanges 1.61 26,050,347.21
Reward Pool 1.61 26,050,347.21
Open Public Sale PHASE 1 (Current Stage, LIVE) Smart Contract is on Main Net, ACTIVE and This Sale Continues until being sold out of all tokens in this proportion. Only then there will be a Private Sale + Pre-Sale which leads to MAIN SALE (Open Public Sale PHASE 2) 8.80 142,386,990.94ADULT ADULTEUM Circle-256
Test Network Test Network (Already Arranged. These tokens will never use on exchanges or on the ecosystem – except test purposes and will be burned in the enf od 2019) 1.61 26,050,347.21
Team & Advisors 8.00 129,442,719.04
Ecosystem 18.03 291,731,528.04

We are here to stay.

67% of Arranged Partner Tokens (6.60% of Total Supply) will be vested and never used not distributed before 2020

49% of Arranged Legal Tokens (3% of Total Supply) will not be used before 2021

50% of Teams & Advisors Tokens (4% of Total Supply) will not be released, distributed / used, before 2022

50% of Ecosystem Tokens (9.01% of Total Supply) will not be distributed and or used on Ecosystem until 2023

In All Sales (Open Public Sale Phase 1: 8.80%, Private Sale: 3.30%, Pre-Sale 6.60, Open Public Sale Phase 2: 29.90%, Total: 48,6% of Total Supply) in every step, unsold tokens will be burned.

Test Network Tokens (1.61%) will be used only on Test Network / Sites and Development Phases and will never be used / bought / sold / transferred for any other reason and will be burned (the rest) in the end of 2019

Reward Pool and Bounty Tokens all will be used, distributed in 2019, so that starting from 2020 we plan to stabilize the distribution of tokens already and see the future more clearer and solid in token´s own economics and dynamics.

BONUS CONDITIONS for Open Public Sale 1 (Current Stage):

Between 0.5 ETH to 1.0 ETH (until 0.999999 ETH, not 1 ETH): 25%
from 1.00 ETH to 3.00 ETH (until 2.99999 ETH): 45%
from 3.00 ETH to 5.00 ETH (until 4.99999 ETH): 65%
from 5.00 ETH: 85%

This means, for example, if you send 0.6 ETH (or anything between 0.5 and until 1.0 which means not 1 ETH but like 0.999999 ETH) you get 25% Bonus for that amount:

It means, normally 1 ADULT is valued at 1.00 USD

During this current stage of the sale, 1 ETHEREUM = 300 USD for giving a FIRST and BIG incentive for our pre-sale investors (Normally Ethereum Price in these days are flactuating around 200-210 USD levels but whatever the current rate, we GIVE and CALCULATE now the 1 ETH from 300 USD, fixed.

This means, normally if you send 1 ETH, you should get around 200-210 ADULTEUM (ADULT),  as 1 ADULT is valued per 1.00 USD but in our case, you get more than 300 ADULT with bonuses, right away.

Going back to our example: 0.6 ETH you send (for instance): we see “Between 0.5 ETH to 1.0 ETH (until 0.999999 ETH, not 1 ETH): 25%” This means, you are getting (0.6 x 300) + BONUS, which is 25% until 1.00 ETH as you see, that means: 180 + 45 BONUS = 225 ADULTEUM (that means like 1 ADULTEUM comes to you if ETH in real life now 200 USD, instead of 120, you get 225 ADULTEUM, immediately!

If you send 5 ETH for example, you get 5 x 300 = 1500 PLUS 1275 BONUS ADULTEUM = 2775 ADULTEUM immediately.. That means if for example ETHEREUM was 210 USD level, you would get for 5 ETH, normally 1050 ADULTEUM.. instead you get 2775 ADULTEUM right now.


This slider shows how much Ethereum convert into ADULTEUM (ADULT) with Bonus right now

Where to send ETHEREUM (ETH, ETHER), once again here we publish:


Please DO NOT send to any other address your ethereum as you cannot get from any other addresses, yet. THIS IS THE ONLY ADDRESS to SEND ETHEREUM. We don´t have any other addresses to send ETH. IMPORTANT: DO NOT send ETH (Ether) form any of exchanges (such as Coinbase, Kraken, Polioniex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, and any others). Send ETH only from your own wallets!

You can also see / calculate by manually input here, with the current bonuses and conditions, live:

Here you can calculate / see how much ADULTEUM (ADULT) to get for Ethereum (ETH), Manually

HOW TO SEE YOUR ADULTEUM in your wallet after getting it?

This process should take a few minute. After you send Ethereum you need to add ADULT into your Wallet.

If you have such issue / cannot see ADULTEUM there, after your buying it, just follow these steps please,

  • For, MyEtherWallet, www.myetherwallet.com
  • Login and Unlock your wallet
  • Go to the “View Wallet Info” tab
  • Click “Add Custom Token” on the right-hand side under “token balances,”
  • Now a custom token form will appear where you need to fill the contract address, the number of decimals, and the token symbol as provided by the token creators – which are, for ADULTEUM:

Contract Address :


Symbol : ADULT
Decimal : 18

  • Lastly, click “Save” you tokens will be seen in MyEtherWallet.
  • For other Ethereum Wallets similar steps should be taken. If you still need help on this matter, don´t hesitate to contact us.

29 October 2018

We are live and the information needed is added here.

All information, code and all can be seen and audited / examined transparently on Ethereum Network about ADULTEUM (ADULT) already:


Live on Main Net: on ETHEREUM, we are on and live.
Live on Main Net: on ETHEREUM, we are on and live.

24 October 2018 

Our Smart Contract for Public Sale for the first 8.8% of the Tokens is created:


Can be seen here:


Ropsten (Test Net) Transfer with the success:


Ropsten Success of Public Sale Contract
Ropsten Success of Public Sale Contract

22 September 2018

ADULTEUM (ADULT) is created on ETHEREUM Main Network:

Contract Address : 0xca04a4107d009c46a801a61a60defd07afb9f88a
Symbol : ADULT Decimal : 18


1.61% TestNet & Webmasters: 1% of Total Supply will be used for Network Tests in 2018 and 2019: Buy / Sell Tests and will be consumed / Distributed to our Partner Webmasters and Site owners for testing purposes until 31 December 2019 (The rest will be burned to aid the ADULTEUM economy / ecosystem / Token Value / itself)

Why ERC20?

Why Ethereum:

What´s the Next Steps:

Check please our Roadmap, we show there what we have done and what would be the next steps, clearly.

  • In example price estimation Ethereum price calculated as 200 USD in average.