Roadmap, History and Future of ADULTEUM

December 2017 – Team´s gathering Project´s Starting

February 2018 Company´s Setting Up / Legal Infrastructure /



KISSES TECHNOLOGY (GROUP) s.r.o., Praha, Czech Republic

Kubelikova 1224/42, 130 00, Praha 3,
Czech Republic
Registration Date: 1.2.2018
Registration Number: ICO06854036

KISSES TECHNOLOGY s.r.o. , Praha IČO 06854036

Pernerova 51, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín
Czech Republic

March 2018 – While the Administrative and Other “Building Processes” are taken care of we have worked on our own crypto: KISSES COIN

KISSES, Kisses Coin, with all its technologies, codes they developed, the coin itself, software they licensed and all acquired for ADULTEUM
KISSES, Kisses Coin, with all its technologies, codes they developed, the coin itself, software they licensed and all acquired for ADULTEUM

KISSES was dwelled on 5 main big targets and each of them was one big revolution in its area. Like Timestamped Content, means, a user, a person, who is the poster, creator of the original content (video, post, pic, whatever is that) would be stamping his or her content (data) with “time” information, which is unique and would be kept on blockchain. Thus, the content owner would stay as original content owner and when the content would process, share, distribute, for example if it´s a video, when it´s watched on the “platform”, or shared, or get likes, comments, the data, these information parts would interact the data on blockchain and add, remove “points” to original owner. Which means, in English:

When a video is watched the owner of the video would get rewards for it. Not only more “streams” but also more shares, more “interactivity” with that video, would bring more rewards, which rewards would obviously be KISSES COIN, for the original content creator, the owner of that video.

As the data on blockchain first created with the information of the video, based on time and that time information would never match the same video information again, the data and the owner would always stays the same.

Imagine how many videos are being watched everyday, and or shared, getting likes, dislikes, etc and now imagine if in adult business, we could be selective and or direct voters by our watch counts, likes, or comments, on any content and it would bring the owner, original creator crypto currency, what would be the situation with the quality, equality and more in adult industry.

This was the first step, first part, first target of the KISSES COIN.

The second part was about hosting, on which, KISSES focused on using redundant bandwidth and harddisk space of us, people´s computers, using as hosting and giving rewards (again KISSES COIN for sure) for it.

Just like AirBnB or Uber of Adult industry. Interesting, isn`t it?

All other steps and what KISSES aimed could still be seen on

However, the team and the company, gathered and focused the limited resources for ADULTEUM, now, as the KISSES COIN´s 5 big steps needed 5 different and in the end a huge budget in time, money and resources, like people to invest in.

We, in short, had not much enough to accomplish all. So, we have decided to go with a simpler solution. Payment for Online Adult Industry.

Brilliant ideas and amazing implementations, with debit card, platform and more KISSES was one of the most liked / loved of the crypto world
Brilliant ideas and amazing implementations, with debit card, platform and more KISSES was one of the most liked / loved of the crypto world

For that, almost everything was already there, except a real working solution presented by the people who have both knowledge and experience in both areas, in advanced technologies, crypto world and adult entertainment. In fact both are different worlds and we watched closely what´s happening in both for years, until some real solid steps like these, on this page, taken..

Whatever is the subject related with online adult entertainment, first to know is “Content is King”. To start on the payment processing, besides legal and technical infrastructures we needed to put our one leg on content, before starting walking properly on the road. When you have the content people would pay with gold, diamonds, with their cows or trade with the bear they hunt, as long as you have the content they want and you can present it to them properly.

One thing we always believed is, online adult entertainment´s future is more lying on individuals, than companies. Whatever the big whales do and gather together in front of our eyes, like more and more free content, more and more tube sites, more and more longer previews, trailers, pushing barriers in all, it will come to one point in the end: What an individual want, what an individual present to other.

On this matter, FrontCamToken and its Site, along with PyGama Party App & Technologies acquired to use on ADULTEUM

FrontCamToken and Its App PyGama Party
FrontCamToken and Its App PyGama Party

June 2018 – While the North Sphere lives the Summer we were in our offices and working spaces to work on new partnerships to implement our plans to have a more stronger, more solid ecosystem. For more individual, premium, exclusive and unique content, first, to have a base for our payment processing options to present in real life. In this matter we acquired LEONS:

Leon`s Coin has many individual and exclusive sites with exclusive, never before seen original content in a very different lifestyle erotic way
Leon`s Coin has many individual and exclusive sites with exclusive, never before seen original content in a very different lifestyle erotic way

This partnership brought us into another level with new contacts, new people and companies especially with our ideas and experience, LEONS´ people, background, unique view on the things both on crypto and adult entertainment was a perfect match to take off. We were ready to do it.

Leon`s Coin LEONS - LEONS Ecosystem
Leon`s Coin LEONS – LEONS Ecosystem. All content, All sites and whatever is produced and will be produced ever that work with, via or through LEONS (Leon`s Coin) will work / accessible / via only, exclusively with ADULTEUM

July 2018 – ADULTEUM (ADULT) concept matured on these bases and people, connections, experience and knowledge. ADULTEUM.COM registered. ADULTEUM.ORG started to “build up”, from zero.

September 2018 – ADULTEUM (ADULT) as an ERC20 Token (More Technical Information can be found here) Created on Blockchain, based on ETHEREUM as a candidate for a 100+ Billion Industry – 1 Token to be used for, from Micro Transactions to Recurring Memberships for the whole industry: Total Supply of


October 2018 – First Real World Tests / Successful Use of ADULTEUM (ADULT) on Blockchain with Real Transfers and Automatic Processes happened.

  • Aim: Transparenty, Peer to Peer, Solid, Fast and “in the sites” without leaving the site.

Partnership with Leon Lambert & Bravo Models Media broaden with other sites and candidate projects on the side.

from Leon Lambert with #love.
from Leon Lambert with #love.



Passed the tests already, fully.

All 2016 – 2019 Content of PartyGirlFan Website is Exclusively Available to download with 1 click on the site with ADULTEM

November 2018 – While working on New Partnerships and trying to have a stronger base, 8.8% of Total Supply´s Selling on ADULTEUM.IO with a fixed 1 USD 1 ADULT rate “silently” started. Smart Contract Published Online / Open Source – Transparently and All ITO Conditions on the sites officially published. site activated with details and we are preparing our White Paper to publish and starting to focus on marketing side, like Airdrop campaign to launch soon.

25 November 2018

26,050,347.21 ADULTEUM (ADULT) transferred to TEST NETWORK
  • This amount, 1.61% of Total Supply, 26,050,347.21 ADULT will be used for Test Purposes and will never be traded, sold or used for any other reasons. Rest of the tokens from this amount will be burned (sent to 0x, to not used anymore) at the end of 2019
  • Test Network Tokens are distributed / sent.
    Test Network Tokens are distributed / sent. Check on Etherscan.

Real Life Case, Test Study: Check, GONE IN 50 SECONDS – How we have done it in 50 Seconds (Downloading all videos from PartyGirlFan in just 50 Seconds to reach ALL VIDEOS of THEM via ADULTEUM)

26 November 2018

Our tests on Leon`s Angels and Crpyto DVD Shop are fully done with 100% success. All is working perfectly with and via ADULTEUM:

Leon`s Angels
Leon`s Angels

Tested with and without METAMASK;

with or without METAMASK, fast, secure, peer-to-peer
with or without METAMASK, fast, secure, peer-to-peer

Links appear and downloads are available right after the payment´s confirmation, as always. All done, just in a few seconds..

Target oriented, "chic", simple, elegant and works like a charm.
Target oriented, “chic”, simple, elegant and works like a charm.

We will go step by step, patiently, open, reliable and by sharing all, by getting the feedback as we know that as being content´s king, the consumer (us, all) is the people who will do it, create what we wish already there.

We know what we want.

We plan it all.

The rest, we will do together:

December 2018 – We will start PR and marketing activities of ADULTEUM and especially the 8.8% part to sell and try to establish more different channels to give the news about ADULTEUM to the world.

For December 2018 to April 2019 our first aim is reaching our goal on 8.8% part by selling all the tokens..

From April 2019, if we may close the 8.8% sale, we open the Private Sale Stage with 3.3% of the whole token supply´s selling with some bonus options (but naturally it will never be as good as the 8.8% part when it comes to bonuses).

In the same time, during all these months we will keep working on different kind of partnerships, handpick new sites to work with, add more content (by remembering the “King”) and try to develop API, SDK while listening from our supporters, hiring new team members and going forward in out plans.

2019 in Sales – Except 3.3% a Pre-Sale (6.6% of Total Supply) and Main Sale (29.9% of Total Supply) is planned to be on exchanges listed as soon as possible, to complete the sale phases and send the rest tokens to 0x while growing up the Ecosystem – Licenses, Alpha Beta Stages, Announcements, Tests to go, finally live by being a real and strong alternative payment system and adult industry´s crypto utility token for all kind of memberships and transactions with 0% Transaction Fee without any middle man, direct to wallet transfers, starting from EU Zone to the whole world.

More detailed information will be given from here, soon.

ALSO PLANNED for 2019 if the first phase of ITO would successfully done:

A fully and EXCLUSIVELY ADULTEUM used Crypto Clips Site with  Live Streaming and Clips Selling for Producers, Amateurs and individuals –

Aim: A site dedicated to servicing the adult community with the highest quality products and vendors. 128bit SSL encryption and other details for maximum security.. Protected information, never to be sold or rented. Sharing of any information would be governed by Privacy Policy. Aside from being a great alternative to high priced rentals and loq quality copycat sites with monotonous repeating content and or once in a month updates, CFC aims to provide an excellent marketplace for producers and or sellers to sell their work by opening up an account, securely hosting their media (videos) and with live broadcasting options, might be offered a range of audience. Approved producers and sellers can upload their media to the website or an affiliate, and this media can be downloaded by other users. Each time media is downloaded, the producer earns revenue as stated in our agreement. A blockchain powered [not only using ADULTEUM as a payment method and crypto currency for the whole system but also benefiting of deep learning and AI might be used to serve better to potential customer and also drive and use traffic, content, all resources and connections more intelligently], ADULTEUM fueled marketplace for content producers, from their home, and or whever they are and high quality approved videos and content, at a very low crypto price for the people. Unique content, secure, with advanced technology.

Reachable also via:, CryptoClip.Store, CryptoClips.Store (All related domains are already registered)

We keep it and will try to keep it always, naturally, all legal and as transparent as possible.

We update, we upgrade, we constantly give the news. Almost immediately transparently from all of our channels (First from the website, here,

Check our White Paper, as we constantly update it.. Don´t forget to subscribe our newsletter, too.