* Soon, more information is here to add your site into ADULTEUM System Automatically, here:


Accept Crypto Currency on your site, hassle free, without 3rd Party Middle Man Commissions, Without Credit Card Companies, Without Any Merchant Accounts to have with Fully Automated 100% Decentralized Peer to Peer Transactions, 0% transaction fees: Payments go directly from the customer to you;

Use Any Wallet You Want

  • Receive payments directly into any wallet you choose
  • Automagically detect unique payments from endless customers

No chargebacks or identity theft

  • No credit card chargebacks
  • Refunds are only provided if you choose to issue them
  • Customers can pay without providing any sensitive personal information
No redirection to 3rd parties
  • Take cryptocurrency payments directly on your store with a slick and responsive checkout process. Your customer data stays with you and visitors remain on your site during the whole checkout process

Get a share from our “Partners / Team / Content Providers”

9.8% of the WHOLE – TOTAL SUPPLY of ADULTEUM (ADULT) which means,

158,567,330.82 ADULTEUM (ADULT)

for now and valued with the nominal currency rate from 1 ADULT to 1 USD, means 158,567,330.82 USD but surely that can change with the live rates.

..arranged direct to your wallet (your wallet must support Ethereum / ERC20, we recommend MyEtherWallet to use, it´s simple, fast and browser based BUT you can read here or here or do your own research about Ethereum Wallets (or any kind of Crypto Wallets) on the net for sure for yourself and choose one to use (remember it must support ERC20 Tokens)

  1. Needless to day that your site must be adult oriented, fully legal and has some kind of membership and or restricted content to use / accept / “to be via” ADULTEUM (ADULT)
  2. You must put some sign of ADULTEUM, like this one:
    75px ADULTEUM ACCEPTED HERE rsz_4button-original-c-bt
    75px ADULTEUM ACCEPTED HERE rsz_4button-original-c-bt

    on your site and link it to (always with https) Some example signs can always be found our Media page.

  3. You don´t have to use it EXCLUSIVELY, but if you do you will get “more” in share and also have the right to use this badge on your site:

    Exclusively VIA Adulteum TOKEN ADULT Crypto Payment System
    Exclusively VIA Adulteum TOKEN ADULT Crypto Payment System

You must link this badge to and you will get a hard link from our main front page as long as you stay exclusive with ADULT. Win-Win.