Where to Buy / Sell ADULTEUM?

Check ADULTEUM.IO (opens in new window) for immediate buy options.

39.8% of the All TOTAL Supply of ADULTEUM will be offered in Initial Token Offering in different phases (You can get more information, proportions and rest data here).

ADULTEUM is already IN USE.

This is a very rare situation that before any ICO / ITO the token or coin´s functionality.

Many companies, groups and or foundations do first the Initial Token Offering with only a website + some white paper document, without any real or working product, coin, token and or anything in reality except some promises and or some PDF there.

ADULTEUM is different, our road, what we do, how we do is different: Real and in real life use already.

Initial Phase: %8.8 of the All TOTAL Supply of ADULTEUM will be sold on www.adulteum.io exclusively with a nominal price of 1.00 USD per TOKEN (and absolutely the best conditions ever, and ever will be in bonuses, etc) for people to use on ADULTEUM supported / access with ADULTEUM, in short ADULTEUM used sites like we publish on our front page.